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Quick Facts
Nearest City



Mid June - Oct


2-3 Hours

Average Distance R/T

3.7 mi (5.95 km)

Average Elevation Gain

700 ft (213.36 m)

Adult Cost


Youth (Under 13) Cost


Minimum Age


Family Hike & Explore in Detail.


The Family Hike & Explore tour is designed for groups and families that aren't looking for anything too difficult but still keeps things interesting while taking in the great views Valdez has to offer. The terrain includes rolling alpine, rocky outcroppings, streams, and pools.

For groups that like to keep moving and exploring this tour can be up to 6 miles roundtrip with 900ft elevation gain, though most people take it leisurely and cover a bit less ground. However, everything is tailored to what your group wants to do. We can go for a mile and play in the water if your group wants to keep it simple and easy.

Possible animal viewing on this tour can include arctic ground squirrels, marmots, bald eagles, other birds of prey, mountain goats, and possible bear. Generally, you will need to do the full length of the tour near the need of summer to have a chance of a bear sighting.

Equipment Provided

  • Day Packs (request if needed)

Recommended You Bring

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Day Pack
  • Water
  • Snacks

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