Full Day of Pure Alaska Heli-hiking

Mountain Pass to Glacier Face

Quick Facts
Nearest City



July - Oct


9-10 Hours

Average Distance R/T

8 mi (12.87 km)

Average Elevation Gain

1000 ft (304.8 m)

Adult Cost


Youth (Under 13) Cost


Minimum Age

8 yrs

Mountain Pass to Glacier Face in Detail.


This tour involves a helicopter drop off in the mountains outside of Valdez with a hike down to the face of Valdez Glacier. It's roughly 8 miles of hiking but can become longer with additional exploring. From the face, you will either be picked up by boat and be taken through the icebergs we flew over that morning or picked up from the face by helicopter. The departure transportation is dependent on weather, lake conditions, and availabilities, either way it's a treat.

The tour begins around 3,500ft and climbs up to 4,200ft before descending down 4,00ft and hiking out along Valdez Glacier. Most of the terrain is gradual and mild but off trail with the occasional scramble, with one intense final scramble down to the glacier. The 2024 season might include a rappel down to the glacier. The descents can be difficult for some. Features include many glacier and mountain views, alpine lakes and streams, passing near an abandoned gold mine, alpine terrain, a short section through the brush (no bushwhacking) and walking the surface of Valdez Glacier.

Animal sightings may include mountain goats, black bears, marmots, pika squirrels, arctic ground squirrels, ptarmigan, eagles, and mountain songbirds.

This tour maybe be extended into multiple day experience.

Equipment Provided

  • Backpack

Recommended You Bring

  • Hiking Boots or Approach Shoes
  • Water Bottle

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