Classic Alaskan Alpine for Everyone

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Quick Facts
Nearest City



July - Oct


9-10 Hours

Average Distance R/T

8.5 mi (13.68 km)

Average Elevation Gain

2800 ft (853.44 m)

Adult Cost


Youth (Under 13) Cost


Minimum Age


10 in 10 in Detail.


This tour takes you to the best alpine hiking in Valdez with amazing views of town, Port Valdez, mountains, glaciers.

Start from down on the shores of Port Valdez and work your way back into the alpine around 2,000ft in elevation. The trail is not too difficult and makes for an enjoyable approach. There are lots of berries beginning mid-August. Once in the alpine there are many variations we can take with things to see and places to explore. Climb the rocky knolls (usually adds 1000ft of gross elevation gain) or follow the creek through the valley for minimal incline. For those wishing to cover a lot of ground we can make our way all the to the glacier at the end.

Equipment Provided

  • Day Pack (request if needed)
  • Trekking Poles (request if needed)

Recommended You Bring

  • Hiking Shoes/Boots
  • Day Pack
  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks

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