Species: Arctic Fritillary (Boloria chariclea)

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Arctic Fritillary

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Boloria chariclea

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Purplish Fritillary


Arctic Fritillary in Detail.

Boloria chariclea, commonly known as the Arctic Fritillary, is a species of butterfly that belongs to the Nymphalidae family. It is found in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of the world, including Alaska, Canada, northern Europe, and Russia.

The Arctic Fritillary has a wingspan of 1.25-1.6 inches (32-40 mm), and the wings are typically orange-brown with black markings. The wings also have a row of white spots on the outer edge. The undersides of the wings are similar in coloration but have more prominent white markings.

The Arctic Fritillary is typically found in open tundra habitats, where it feeds on nectar from a variety of flowering plants. The larvae feed on the leaves of various species of violets.

The Arctic Fritillary is known for its ability to tolerate extreme environmental conditions, including low temperatures and harsh winds. This makes it a valuable indicator species for monitoring the effects of climate change in the Arctic.


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