Adventure, Experience, Insight, Respect.

How things started

Alaska Guide is a labor of love by founder Zachary Sheldon. The original name of the project was Guides in Alaska started in 2010. The intent of the site was to be a place where people could look up information on a place or life form and learn more about them and who could guide them to those subjects. Zach continued plinking away at the informational site and began offering tours through his photography company.

He found that most of his tours consisted of filling niche types of tours people couldn’t find elsewhere and they rarely revolved around photography. Thus he incorporated Alaska Guide and began offering adventure tours and bring in other guides.

A passion for why.

At Alaska Guide our purpose is to help people discover the wonder of Alaska. It’s a land of untamed beauty with opportunities for adventure in the most awe inspiring landscapes. We at Alaska Guide love this land, and the way being out in it stirs our souls and makes us feel alive. We hope to cultivate these same feelings for you.

We explore this land, we try our best to understand it, we watch it, we prepare for it and we help those who come to visit find the profound peace that you don’t find in the modern mainstream world.

Valdez is a remote town, at the end of a single road 120 miles from the next town. Most people do not know of its many wonders, keeping it a quite little gem ideal for wanderlust travels, and free range adventure.

For those looking to see more of Alaska, don’t get us wrong. We love Valdez but sometimes you need to stretch your legs for a larger adventure. Many of us have lived other places throughout Alaska before stumbling onto the hidden paradise of Valdez. We know the best places and the right connections for anyone looking to fill their Alaska bucket list.

We walked the trails, cruised the inlets, ridden the train, flown and stayed over in the most remote places, and we’re thrilled to share them with you. If these places blow us residents away we’re sure you’ll be impressed. We’ve yet to told otherwise.