American Red Raspberry

Rubus strigosus

American Red Raspberry Alaska

American Red Raspberry

  • Latin: Rubus strigosus
  • Yup'ik: puyuraarpak
  • Tlingit: tléikw yádi
  • Consumption: Edible
  • Description

    Raspberry plants generally range from 2-4 feet tall and are composed of thick thorny branches which can break off in your skin. Generally if so they are a slight irritant and can easily be pulled out.

    They flower with five white petals which produce the raspberry. The berries are edible and delicious.

  • Habitat & Range
    Raspberries prefer to grow in areas that receive ample sunlight such as clearings and thickets, in soil that's not marshy. They naturally grow south of the Alaska Range and throughout Southeast Alaska, but can grow in areas as north as Fairbanks.