American Red Squirrel

Tamiasciurus hudsonicus


American Red Squirrel

  • Latin: Tamiasciurus hudsonicus
  • Iñupiaq:
  • Yup'ik: qiguiq*, qiguir(aq*)
  • Tlingit: kals'áak, kanals'áak
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Chances of seeing American Red Squirrel in Alaska
  • Description


    American Red Squirrel have brown backs with reddish-orange highlight, and a black undertone, with a white underside.

    Diet & Habitat

    Red Squirrels are often found in or near conifers, preferring cone seeds. However they eat spruce buds, needles, mushrooms, other buds, berries, and flowers. They've also been known to eat bird eggs and very young snowshoe hare.

    Red Squirrels range through much of Alaska.

  • Habitat & Range
    Alaska Range Map
    Habitat of American Red Squirrel in Alaska


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