Dall's Porpoise

Phocoenoides dalli


Dall's Porpoise

  • Latin: Phocoenoides dalli
  • Description


    Dall's Porpoise somewhat resemble mini-orca's, growing to a mature size of up to 8ft in length weighing in under 500lbs. They live an average of 15-20 years. A key feature is their white-sided dorsal fin. They're considered the fastest swimmers in their family reaching speeds of up to 30 knots (34mph).

    Dall's porpoise have been known to mate with harbor porpoises.

    Diet & Habitat

    Dall's porpoise eat anchovies, herring, hake, smelts, squid, octopus, and occasionally crabs and shrimp.

    They can be found in Alaskan salt water south of the mid-Bering Sea.

  • Habitat & Range
    Alaska Range Map
    Habitat of Dall's Porpoise in Alaska


Pictures of Dall's Porpoise.