Arctic mosquito

Aedes nigripes

Arctic mosquito

  • Latin: Aedes nigripes
  • Description


    Aedes nigripes is a fairly hairy looking mosquito with white striping around it's abdomen. The scale patch on the ventral mesepisternu'm (sternopleuron) reaches the upper frontal border. They also have white scaling at the wing radius.It's been noted Aedes nigripes was active from 6am to 11pm, however we're not sure how across the board this information is. Aedes nigripes can change in color from beginning of the season toward the end, going from a dark brown to light gold.

    Diet & Habitat

    Aedes nigripes drinks blood, but have also been observed feeding on a diluted honey mixture.

    Other interesting facts

    Aedes nigripes is the only the species of mosquito on Svalbard. (Svalbard in not in Alaska or North America)

  • Habitat & Range