Coho Salmon

Oncorhynchus kisutch


Coho Salmon

  • Latin: Oncorhynchus kisutch
  • Yup'ik: caayuryaq, ciayuryaq, qakiiyaq*
  • Tlingit: l'ook, x'áakw (freshwater)
  • Other Names: silver salmon, silvers,
  • Description

    Coho or Silver Salmon are found around the coast and up tributaries from the Bering Sea and south throughout Alaska.

    Silvers are recognized by black spots on the back and top lobe of the tail, and a light gray gum line. Tail spots are quite variable, and the pale gum line is restricted mostly to a line along which teeth emerge. Average mature weight: 2-20 lbs (Trophy 20 lbs) Edibility "A"

    Prior to making their way to salt water, young Coho feed on plankton and insects. However once mature enough to venture into salt water their diets change to small fishes.

  • Habitat & Range


Pictures of Coho Salmon.