Rock Ptarmigan

Lagopus muta

Rock Ptarmigan Alaska

Rock Ptarmigan

  • Latin: Lagopus muta
  • Iñupiaq: niqsaaqtufiq
  • Yup'ik: elciayuli
  • Tlingit: x'eis'awáa
  • Consumption: Edible
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Chances of seeing Rock Ptarmigan in Alaska
  • Description

    Male Rock Ptarmigan have a red patch of feathers above their eyes that do not change color with summer winter plumages.

    They breed and winter on mountainous uplands, and tend to hang out near low bushed and shrubs. Several subspecies of rock ptarmigan live throughout the entire Aleutian Islands. On all except for Unimak Island, only one subspecies occurs on each island. These birds live in much different habitat than mainland birds. Aleutian rock ptarmigan range down to sea level, and are found on coastal grassy areas and on gentle to moderate slopes consisting predominantly of low shrubs.


    Gray Wolf, Canada Lynx,

  • Habitat & Range
    Alaska Range Map
    Habitat of Rock Ptarmigan in Alaska