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Bethel (1950), Bethel (1950), Bethel (1950), Bethel D-8 (1954), Bethel D-8 (1954), Bethel D-8 (1954), Bethel D-8 (1954), Bethel (1980), Bethel (1980), Bethel (1980), Bethel (1980),

Arthur Dall Lake, Alaska

60 ° 47' 39.164" N, 161 ° 46' 29.225" W

Bethel (CA)

Elevation:10 ft / 3 m

Getting There

Arthur Dall Lake is right in town Bethel. You could probably ask anyone in town if you get lost along the way seeing as Bethel is so small. Try parking around where Akiak Drive meets 1st Ave/Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway. Or walking from anywhere in Bethel if the weather isn't bad.


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