• Location: 59 ° 13' 42.92" N, 135 ° 26' 38.81" W
  • Borough: Haines
  • Topo Maps: Now in tabbed section further down page
  • Elevation: 82 ft / 25 m
  • Events: Alcan 200, Mad Raft Race
  • Description

    Getting There
    Haines is one of two towns in Southeast Alaska that you can drive to. To drive to Haines you travel along the Alaska Highway until you reach Haines Junction in Yukon. From there you take the south Junction down the Haines Highway right into Haines. You'll need to cross through the American/Canadian border. The borer is not a 24 hour border so be prepared, they've been know to close down a few minutes early. The border is (supposed to be) open 7am-11pm Alaska Time, or 8am-Midnight PST (Yukon-BC time). While driving there's fuel in Haines Junction, then about 120 miles later at 33 Mile. After that point you have 33 miles till you're in Haines.

    Taking the ferry is also an option for walk-on, bike-on, or drive-on. The ferry system can take you from Skagway, Juneau, almost any town in Southeast Alaska, even Prince Rupert, BC, Canada, and Bellingham, Washington.

    The obvious choice for moving around Alaska. Flying. Likely you will fly into Juneau on Alaska Airlines. From there you can take a scheduled flight on a smaller airlines, or a charter flight from an air taxi outfit like Mountain Flying Service.

    Haines is a small town on the Northern end of the Chilkat Peninsula. Historically it was the point between the Chilkat and Chilkoot Tlingits. Haines was set up as a Presbyterian mission, later to boom during the 1890's Gold Rush.


    Haines has several trails to hike not too far out of town. There are Mount Ripinsky and 7 Mile Saddle, Mount Riley for some elevation and views. Battery Point and Seduction Point for some nice coastal hikes to or along the shore.


    Haines has many options for rafting; the Chilkat and Tsirku Rivers are fairly mild floats through the heart of the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. They can be done in a few hours and drive up put-ins and take-outs. The Klehini River is has various ratings depending where you put in and what the weather has been doing. It also follows the Haines Highway for 13 miles for easy roadside put-ins.

    Haines is also a popular base for floating the Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers from Canada into Glacier Bay. These are more serious floats often done over multiple days.

    On July 4th Haines host the annual Mad Raft Race down the Chilkoot River. Where people compete to race their homemade rafts from the mouth of Chilkoot Lake to the bridge across the Chilkoot River. Competitors must also be careful half-way through getting to the shore and carrying their raft around the fish weir.

    Skiing, Heliskiing, Snowboarding

    Haines has world famous heliskiing. There are a couple operations in Haines to do Heliskiing in the Chilkat Range, Takhinsha Mountains, and various other mountains in the area. Air Taxi bush planes are also in town for those looking to camp out in the mountains to spend a few days with their own private playground.

    Haines has many opportunities for the die hard who wants to hike the backcountry to get to that ultimate run. Another popular option is up the Haines Highway in BC in the open alpine near the summit and running the slopes from snowmachine drop offs.

    There are also groups who maintain cross country trails around town and usually around the golf course.

    Snowmaching, Snowmobiling

    Many people come from down from Whitehorse, and up from Juneau and the rest Southeast Alaska to snowmachine the Haines Summit.

    Haines also host the Alcan 200 the longest snowmachine road race in North America.

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