Agripina Bay


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    To get to Agripina Bay it could be a toss up between first flying in to King Salmon or Kodiak. Flights from either to Agripina Bay can vary. Last check chartering a flight from King Salmon was around $300.

    There's also the obvious option of taking a boat.


    Agripina Bay is located on the east side of the Alaska Peninsula, west of mid Kodiak Island. The Bay is fed by Agripina River, and a couple streams. The surrounding geography is mostly rocky and vegetation consists mostly of grass and small plants. The shores of the bay are visited by fox, brown bear, bald eagles. It is part of the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge. The Bay is also excluded from Federal Subsistence Fisheries Jurisdiction.

    Agripina Bay offers all weather anchorage for those looking to get out of rough seas. There are beaches along the bay if visiting by boat. The slopes and hills around the bay provide nice hikes with beautiful vantage points.


    Named in 1832 by Ens Vasiliev and published as "Agrippine baie" by Captain Lutke (1836, p. 277), IRN.

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