Western Toad or Boreal Toad

Bufo boreas


Western Toad or Boreal Toad

  • Latin: Bufo boreas
  • Description

    Boreal Toads are found from about Anchorage to Tok and to the southeast throughout Alaska. Only the subspecies Anaxyrus boreas halophilus is found in Alaska.

    Boreal Toads are stout amphibians, and are distinguishable from their white to cream stripe running down the center of their backs. The dorsal stripe may be hard to see or not visible on juveniles. There are usually brownish, green or gray in color with small bumps all over them typical of toads, males are generally smoother than females. They can also have black splotching.

    During breeding season (May - July) males may emit chirping sounds in response to other males but they do not produce mating calls. Females lay up to 17,000 eggs. Haines and Ketchikan have noted sharp declines of Boreal Toads.

    In Alaska Boreal Toads hibernate, often in groups below the frost line.

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