Area 51 Summer Access

Area 51 Summer Access

Date: 2021-09-24

Hours: 10.0

Actions: Bushwhacking, Surveying, Exploration

Party: Joseph Kay, Matthew Nelson, Fox, Jenny and Zachary Sheldon

Summary: The group proceeded up the trail where it had been cleared at the bottom of the hill climb, then bushwhacked up the hill climb and ridge into the alpine. Pushing up hill through thick salmonberries. Eventually making their way to the alpine they proceeded to the creek to scout options as to where the creek could be crossed. They proceed back to the end of the bench and followed the creek back looking at floatability and possible crossings. After leaving the alpine they tried an alternative route down to the bottom of the hill climb. This was disastrous. There was much slipping and falling, then cutting through the alders in an attempt to get back to the hill climb the terrain became steeper and filled with devils club. It was a bad bad bad idea. Eventually they made it back to the hill climb and welcomed the push through head deep salmon berries. A lot was learned that day.