Amber Marked Leafminer

Profenusa thomsoni

Amber Marked Leafminer

  • Latin: Profenusa thomsoni
  • Description


    Amber Marked Leafminer larva are a dull waxy, semi transparent, whitish green color.

    Introduction & Habitat

    Amber Marked Leafminers are an introduced species to Alaska. They were first observed in Haines around the early 1990's. By 1996 they had made their way to Anchorage and Fairbanks in 2004.


    Amber Marked Leafminers feed on birch trees. In Anchorage in 2004 introduction of small numbers of wasp (Lathrolestes luteolator) began to control Amber Marked Leafminers which feeds upon the leafminers while in its larval stage. They are also preyed upon by spiders, insects, ants, and birds.

  • Habitat & Range