Columbia Spotted Frog

Rana luteiventris

Columbia Spotted Frog

  • Latin: Rana luteiventris
  • Description


    The Columbia Spotted Frog(Rana luteiventris) has a green to brown color back with dark spots, and its skin maybe somewhat bumpy. Its belly and upper lip are whitish. It also has a pointed head with rounded snout, and upturned eyes. It grows up to 3.5 inches in length.

    Females are larger than males and males have wider forearms.

    Diet & Habitat

    Columbia Spotted Frogs eat all kinds of insects. They live in the coastal forest of Southeast Alaska and reside close to permanent water sources. Ideal locations are bodies of water with low variations of seasonal volume or temperature, preferably ponds, lakes and streams.

    They've been found along the Salmon, Taku, Stikine and Unuk rivers and the Agassiz Peninsula. They have also been documented on Mitkof, Sergief and Vank Islands within the adjacent Alexander Archipelago, however, the Mitkof Island population (in and near the city of Wrangell) is possibly introduced. There have been reports of Columbia spotted frogs at one location along the Juneau road system, but it is suspected this was also an introduction. They have also been reported but not confirmed in Haines area.

  • Habitat & Range