Looking over Keystone Canyon.

Keystone Canyon


Keystone Canyon located just outside Valdez, host walls over 600ft tall with numerous waterfalls. The Richardson Highway and Lowe River run through the canyon.

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    Getting There
    Keystone Canyon is located 12 miles east of Valdez. The Richardson Highway follows the Lowe River through the heart of the canyon from beginning to end.

    on Lowe River, extends 2 mi. N-S 1 mi. E of mouth of Bear Creek and 12 mi. SE of Valdez; Chugach Mts.
    Keystone Canyon is an impressive narrow canyon with walls over 600ft tall. It is just wide enough for the Richardson Highway and Lowe River to sit side by side edge to edge. The Lowe is only about 30ft at its widest in the canyon.

    Things To Do

    Roadside Viewing: The canyon is home to popular roadside attractions Bridal Veil Falls and Horsetail Falls. In March and April mountain goats can be found along the west end of the canyon on the southern wall.

    Hiking: The Valdez Wagon and Goat Trail runs through the canyon for an easy hike above the highway.

    Rafting and Kayaking: Rafting and kayaking theLowe River through Keystone Canyon is a fun short run which can vary quite a bit in rating depending on flow rates. One thing to be alert of is the bridge piling, people have pinned rafts against it leading to fatalities.

    Ice Climbing: Keystone Canyon is home to the Valdez Ice Climbing Festival and host routes including; Bridal Veil Falls, Greensteps, Horsetail Falls, Glass Onion, POS, Hanging Tree, Hung Jury, Mud Slide and more.

    Naming: Keystone Canyon was named in 1898 by Captain William R. Abercrombie, USA, presumably after Pennsylvania, the Keystone State.

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      Zachary Sheldon Zachary Sheldon February 28, 2018 at 11:25 AM

      Not only are the walls of Keystone Canyon impressive but the waterfalls have wow factor. Also tons of great ice climbing in winter.

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