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Circle A-5 (1951), Circle A-5 (1952), Circle A-5 (1952), Circle A-5 (1954), Circle (1955), Circle (1955), Circle (1955), Circle (1955), Circle (1955), Circle (1955), Circle (1955), Circle (1955),

Angel Rocks, Alaska

65 ° 0' 42.692" N, 146 ° 12' 58.507" W

Fairbanks North Star

Getting There

Drive up Chena Hot Springs Rd to mile 48.9. The trailhead will be on the right, just before crossing the brige.

The Trailhead

The trail parking lot as restrooms, fire pits, and picnic tables. There is a water pump that is locked and the handle removed.


The trail leaves Parking area (Angel Rocks Trailhead)and runs parallel the Chena River through mixed spruce and birch the trail is wide and smooth. At 0.8 miles in the junction between the upper and lower loop trail is met. The trail begins to ascend along a small creek then away across the hill to the first rock outcrop. An 8.3 mile trail leads to large granite outcroppings near the north boundary of the recreation area, then on to the Chena Hot Springs

The trail is easy going and ok for children. It can have high traffic on weekends.