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Chignik B-3 (1963), Chignik B-3 (1963), Chignik (1963), Chignik (1963), Chignik (1963),

Alec River, Alaska

River Mouth Coordinates:
56 ° 27' 36" N, 158 ° 56' 5" W

Lake and Peninsula

Elevation:30 ft / 9 m

Length:9 mi

Tributary to:Chignik River

Getting There

Take a plane or boat in from Chignik.


The Alec River is a nice clear river with beautiful mountain scenery of the Aleutian Range. It gets too shallow for boating in once it splits off into Cathedral, Broad, Conglomerate, Boulevard creeks.

As for fishing in Alec River there are Dolly Varden, and Sockeye salmon.