Salmonberry of Alaska

C: Magnoliopsida } O: Rosales } F: Roses } G: Berry Bearing Roses } S: Salmonberry

Common Name: Salmonberry
Latin: Rubus spectabilis
Iñupiaq: aqpik
Tlingit: was'x'aan tléigu
Consumption: Edible

Salmonberry are a shrub native to moist forest of the Pacific Coast. Salmonberry can grow up to 12 feet tall when competing for sunlight. The berries are edible some people enjoy salmonberries while others think them too tart or bitter. Salmonberries are best eaten when orange to red.

The stems of salmonberries are a little prickely so beware before grabbing the stalks with your bare hands.

In Kodiak, Alaska, orange salmonberries are often referred to as "Russian berries". Because the berries are found in abundance there and look a lot like raspberries, one of the islands in the Kodiak archipelago is named Raspberry Island (Alaska). Plain salmonberries are found as far north as Unalakleet, Alaska.