Aleutian Mountainheath of Alaska

C: Magnoliopsida } O: Ericales } F: Heather Family } G: Mountainheaths } S: Aleutian Mountainheath

Common Name: Aleutian Mountainheath
Latin: Phyllodoce aleutica

Phyllodoce empetriformis, is considered a rare species in Alaska. Phyllodoce empetriformis is a globally restricted species, occurring from Yukon Territory south to the mountains of Washington, with fewer than five known sites in Alaska (listed as G4-S1S2 by the AKNHP). Carolyn Parker (University of Alaska Museum) collected this species in the nearby Chilkat Mountains, southwest of Haines in 2000. The population in KLGO, was estimated at 100 individuals and covered a small area of 100 m2. Additionally, two sites are known from mountains on either side of the Klehini River west of Haines (ALA Database 2004).