Aleutian Wormwood of Alaska

C: Unknown O: Asterales } F: Daisy } G: Artemisia } S: Aleutian Wormwood

Common Name: Aleutian Wormwood
Latin: Artemisia aleutica

Alaska Range Map

Habitat of Aleutian Wormwood in Alaska

Aleutian Wormwood is a perennial plant native to Alaska. Endemic to Kiska and Rat Islands of the western Aleutian Islands. It's found in windswept, gravelly fell fields, from 700 to at least 1,200 ft. elevation, and occurs as scattered, white, often sterile rosettes on seemingly barren patches between heath vegetation. It has small, basal rosettes from simple or branched woody caudex and is rarely seen in flower.

Aleutian Wormwood is unique to the environment and not likely to be confused with other vegetation.