A B Mountain


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    To hike up AB Mountain you hop on the Skyline Trail 4.5 miles on Dyea Road, or about 1 mile by trail from Skagway. Starting at Yakutania Point the southern base of the mountain. The trail climbs 5 miles northward to the summit. The mountain is suitable for hiking, snowshoeing, and even mountain biking. The summit provides a good take off for para-gliding and hang-gliding. Camping on the mountain is not highly recommended due to the winds that are nearly constant in Skagway and the large presence of brown and black bears.

    Named by E. C. Robertson and published in 1952 by USGS. It's name refers to the rough outline of the letters A and B which appear on the mountain when snow has accumulated on it's flat face. Best seen in early winter and mid spring.

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