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Attu (1952), Attu (1952), Attu (1952), Attu (1953), Attu (1953), Attu (1953), Attu (1953), Attu (1953), Attu (1953),

Agattu Island, Alaska

52 ° 26' 7" N, 173 ° 34' 32" E

Aleutians West (CA)

Part of:Near Islands


Agattu Island, volcanic in origins, is around 22 miles SE of Attu Island and a part of the Near Islands. Agattu Island like many Aleutian Islands is uninhabited. Its mountain peaks rise to 1,992ft in elevation and are often hid in fog or low ceilings. Fresh water may be obtained from its streams.

Aleuts populations are thought to have reached 500-1000 individuals, prior to contact with Russian explorers. By the 1760's all native residents had moved to one village on Attu Island.

Due to its rocky shore lines and boulders in the low water mean landing in small boats maybe difficult if waters are not calm.

Found on charts 16434, 16423.