Aghiyuk Island


Aghiyuk Island a island in Alaska

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  • Location: 56 ° 10' 48" N, 156 ° 47' 16" W
  • Borough: Kodiak Island
  • Elevation: 846 ft / 258 m
  • Length: 6 mi
  • Part of: Semidi Islands
  • Description

    northernmost of Semidi Is.; Aleutian Range. 6 miles long.

    Getting There

    Head to Chignik from there charter a boat or aircraft to take you to Aghiyuk Island.


    Aghiyuk Island is the northern most of the Semidi Islands. It has high rocky cliffs and it's gentler slopes are covered with ankle to mid-shin high vegetation.

    Millions of birds and many species of birds nest on the island as they are remote. Some species include Black-legged Kittiwakes, Common Murres, Least Sandpipers, Northern Fulmars, Parasitic Jaegers, and puffins.

    Seals and sea lions can also be on the island.

    Arctic foxes were first released on Aghiyuk Island in 1885. They flourished for about 20 years before numbers dwindled. The fox operation was under the 'Semidi Propagating Company'. They pulled stakes in 1914 and it's believed the fox died off some years later. Once caretakers were gone there was no food available to the fox during winter.

    Best anchorage along the island is along the northern end of the eastside of the island. There's a beach for easy access onto the island across from Aghik Island. A ship grounded on the island on January 4, 2009 requiring Coast Guard Rescue. For more information on the islands in general please read the Semidi Islands page.


    Aghiyuk Island was first published as "I[le] Simidin" by Admiral von Krusenstern (1827, map 20), IRN, and as "Semidin" by Lieutenant Sarichev (1826, p.32), IRN. The name Aghiyuk Island appears on an 1890 USBF chart. "Achaiak" is said to be the Aleut word for cormorant.

    name first published as "I(le) Simidin" by Admiral von Krusenstern (1827, map 20), Imperial Russian Navy (IRN), and as "Semidin" by Lieutenant Sarichev (1826, p. 32), Imperial Russian Navy (IRN). "Achaiak" is said to be the Aleut word for the cormorant.

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