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Valdez (1952), Valdez (1952), Valdez (1952), Valdez (1952), Valdez A-7 (1960), Valdez A-7 (1960), Valdez A-7 (1960), Valdez (1960), Valdez (1960), Valdez (1960), Valdez (1960), Valdez (1960), Valdez (1960), Valdez A-7 NE (1983), Valdez A-7 (1996), Valdez A-7 (1996),

Valdez, Alaska

61 ° 7' 51" N, 146 ° 20' 54" W

Valdez-Cordova (CA)

Elevation:20 ft / 6 m

Getting There

Ravn Alaska is the only scheduled air service to Valdez. It is part of the Alaska Marine Highway (ferry system), however most people access Valdez from driving down the Richardson Highway.


Valdez is a small remote town with one road in and out. In the January 2014 the road was completely cutoff just before entering Keystone Canyon when a major avalanche traveled down Snowslide Gulch covering the Lowe River and Richardson Highway. However most times the road is clear, however can become heavily fogged in on Thompson Pass.

Most of Valdez tourism is heli-skiing, and fishing. There are small cruise operations that offer tours out to the tidal glaciers like Columbia Glacier and Meares Glacier. Our friends at Alaska Photography offer Valdez photo tours.

As for accommodations, there are a few options in the off season (mid Sept-May) and much more in summer. There are several RV parks, and motels. There are a few places for camping. The town only has one grocery store, a Safeway, and one chain food store, a Subway. There are a few restraunts open year round and many open in summer.

Valdez is best known for the Alyeska terminal which is the end of the line for the Alaska Pipeline which sends oil from the top of Alaska, near the arctic ocean, down to Valdez. In 1985 the ship the Exxon Valdez, spilt oil in Prince William Sound soon after leaving Valdez. No remnants of the spill remains. The other great fame of Valdez is the tsunami of 1964, which leveled the town and took many lives.

Valdez is now located approximately 5 miles from Old Valdez, and out of the tsunami zone.

Ice Climbing: Valdez has many places for ice climbing including; Keystone Canyon, Bridal Veil Falls, Greensteps, Simple Twist of Fate, POS, Hung Jury, Horsetail Falls, Mud Slide, Plastic Jesus, Valdez Glacier, Worthington Glacier, Foolagain, and many more locations.