Anchorage a city in Alaska

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  • Location: 61 ° 13' 5" N, 149 ° 54' 1" W
  • Borough: Anchorage
  • Elevation: 102 ft / 31 m
  • Events: Iditarod
  • Description

    population 44,237, on Knik Arm, Cook Inlet, 75 mi. NW of Seward, Cook Inlet Low.

    Getting There

    Getting to Anchorage is pretty simple. Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage is the busiest airport in the state. Chances are if you're flying to Alaska and you're not going to Southeast or direct to Fairbanks you'll be at least laying over in Anchorage.


    Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska. No it's not the capital, that would be Juneau. Anchorage is a major hub for travel in Alaska. Around 40% of Alaskans live in Anchorage and more so each year as residents from remote villages move to the city. Most due to climate changes and sever weather destroying their homes.

    Alaska's largest city, established in 1913 as the construction camp and headquarters of The Alaska R.R. to be built from Seward to Fairbanks. It was early referred to as "Ship Creek" and "Woodrow", but with the establishment of the Anchorage post office in 1914-15 the residents voted, August 15, 1915, to name the new town Anchorage. The name was derived from that of Knik Anchorage immediately off-shore from the new camp. Its population was estimated to be 6,000 in 1917, but in 1920 it was officially 1,856. In 1930 it was 2,277; 3,495 in 1939; and 11,254 in 1950.

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