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Port Alexander C-1 (1948), Port Alexander C-1 (1951), Port Alexander C-1 (1951), Port Alexander (1951), Port Alexander C-1 (1951), Port Alexander (1951), Port Alexander (1951), Port Alexander (1951), Port Alexander (1951), Port Alexander (1952), Port Alexander (1952), Port Alexander (1952), Port Alexander C-1 (1997), Port Alexander C-1 (1997),

Alexander Archipelago, Alaska

56 ° 40' 0" N, 134 ° 4' 60" W

Petersburg (CA)

Elevation:1,493 ft / 455 m

Parent:Coast Mountains







Smaller Islands

Abalone Island, Abbess Island, Amelius Island, Anchor Island, Andersen Island, Arguello Island, Avon Island, Back Island, Baird Island, Balandra Island, Barren Island, Barrie Island, Barrier Island, Battery Island, Beacon Island, Bean Island, Bear Bay Island, Beauclerc Island, Beavertail Island, Betton Island, Bibora Island, Big Rose Island, Big Saltery Island, Blake Island, Blanket Island, Blowdown Island, Brady Island, Dark Island, Dead Island, Dead Pine Island, Deception Island, Deichman Island, Dell Island, Deuce Island, Devil Island, Diamond Island, Dippy Island, Dogfish Island, Dorn Island, Double Islands, Drag Island, Drug Island, Dry Island, Duck Islands, East Clump, East Sentinel Island, Easterly Island, The Eckholms, Edward Islands, Elghi Island, Elkugu Island, Emily Island, Emmet Island, Emmons Island, Error Island, Eva Island, Exchange Island, Fair Island, Fankuda Islet, Fannie Island, Farm Island, Faust Island, Fifteenmile Island, Finger Islands, Fish Egg Island, Fish Islands, Fishhook Island, Fitz Island, Fivemile Island, Fleming Island, Flotsam Island, Fontaine Island, Foot Island, Forss Island, Fort Islet, Found Island, Fox Rock, Fripo Island, Fritz Island, Fruit Island, Gagarin Island, Gain Island, Galankin Island, Gambier Island, Gannet Island, Garcia Island, Gas Rock, Gate Island, Gauge Island, Gauntlet Island, Gedney Island, Glagolm Island, Golf Island, Gornoi Island, Gould Island, Gourd Island, Grace Island, Granite Islands, Grant Island, Grassy Rock, Graveyard Island, Greentop Island, Greys Island, Grief Island, Griffith Island, Grindall Island, Guard Islands, Guertin Island, Guibert Islets, Gull Islet, Halibut Island, Halleck Island, Hanus Islet, Hemlock Island, Hermagos Islands, Hermanos Islands, Hessa Island, Hidden Island, Highwater Island, Hill Island, Hogan Island, Hoggatt Island, Hoonah Island, Hoot Island, Hotspur Island, Hound Island, Hume Island, Ilput Island, Japonski Island, Jarvis Island, Jewell Island, Joe Mace Island, Juneau Island, Kadin Island, Kah Sheets Island, Kaiuchali Island, Kakovo Island, Kamennoi Island, Kanagunut Island, Kane Islands, Kanga Island, Kasaan Island, Kasiana Islands, Kassa Island, Kassan Islands, Keene Island, Keete Island, Kelp Island, Keski Island, Killisnoo Island, Kinky Island, Kirushkin Island, Kishbrock Island, Kita Island, Kite Island, The Kittens, Klag Island, Klakas Island, Klinau Island, Kliuchevoi Island, Klokachef Island, Kluanil Island, Knob Island, Koka Island, Korga Island, Krishka Island, Labouchere Island, Lacey Island, Ladrones Islands, Lane Island, Larzatita Island, Lauf Islands, Ledge Island, Leo Island, Lewis Island, Line Island, Little Cedar Island, Little Dry Island, Little Hamilton Island, Little Rapids Island, Little Rose Island, Little Saltery Island, Little Wrangell Island, Lock Island, Losa Island, Lowrie Island, Loy Island, Lung Island, Makhnati Island, Makhnati Islands, Manzanita Island, Marabilla Island, Marble Island, Marble Islet, Marmion Island, Marsh Island, Marshall Island, Meadow Island, Menefee Islands, Mertz Island, Meyers Island, Mindalina Island, Miner Island, Minett Island, Minx Islands, Misery Island, Mite Island, Mogilnoi Island, Moira Island, Monte Carlo Island, Mosman Island, Moss Island, Muerta Island, Murdo Island, Muse Island, Mushroom Island, Myriad Islands, Natalia Island, Nellag Island, Neptune Island, Neva Island, Nevski Island, North Burnett Island, Obsechki Island, Onslow Island, Osten Island, Otstoia Island, Owl Island, Palisade Island, Panhandle Island, Parida Island, Parker Group, Passage Islands, Patterson Island, Paulina Island, Peacock Island, Peer Island, Peisar Island, Pen Island, Peratrovich Island, Petersen Islands, Piedras Island, Pigeon Island, Pine Island, Piper Island, Pitt Island, Pluma Island, Polk Island, Pond Island, Port Island, Post Island, Povorotni Island, Pow Island, Price Island, Prince Island, Pulizzi Island, Ralston Island, Ramp Island, Rancheria Island, Rapids Island, Rat Island, Read Island, Reef Islands, Reshimosti Island, Ridge Island, Ring Island, Roadstead Island, Romp Island, Rookery Island, Rosary Island, Rowe Island, Roy Island, Rudyerd Island, Rynda Island, Sachem Island, Saint Ignace Island, Saint Joseph Island, Saint Philip Island, San Adrian Island, San Clemente Island, San Francisco Island, San Island, San Juan Bautista Island, San Juan Islands, San Juanito Island, Santa Rita Island, Sasedni Island, Scrag Islands, Scraggy Island, Scraggy Islands, Scrub Island, Scull Island, Seagull Island, Shakan Island, Shale Island, Shaman Island, Shaw Islands, Shelikof Island, Shingle Island, Shoe Island, Sholin Island, Shrub Islet, Sigh Islands, Siginaka Islands, Singa Island, Sinitsin Island, Skiff Island, Skin Island, Skinner Island, Skowl Island, Slaughter Island, Snip Islands, Sokolof Island, Sombrero Island, Sosnovoi Island, Sound Islands, South America Island, South Burnett Island, Southerly Island, Spanberg Island, Spasski Island, Spire Island, Split Island, Spook Island, Spuhn Island, Stack Island, Stanhope Island, Steep Island, Stevenson Island, Stone Islands, Stop Island, Strait Island, Streets Island, Suhti Island, Sukoi Islets, Suloia Islet, Sumdum Island, Sumner Island, Sunset Island, Sunshine Island, Sushilna Island, Tah Island, Target Island, Teal Island, Tenass Island, Tentree Island, Terbilon Island, Thomas Island, Thorne Island, Three Hill Island, Three Islands, Three Tree Island, Tide Island, Tiedeman Island, Tikhaia Islands, Timbered Island, Tolstoi Island, Toti Island, Tree Island, Trim Island, Triplet Islands, Triste Island, Troller Islands, Trouble Island, Trunk Island, Turnabout Island, Turning Island, Twin Island, Two Tree Island, Ubi Island, Ulinoi Island, Ulloa Island, Unishka Island, Unlucky Island, Vancouver Island, Vank Island, Vegas Islands, Village Island, Virublennoi Island, Vitskari Island, Vixen Islands, Volga Island, Vorota Island, Wadleigh Island, Walker Island, Warburton Island, Wedge Islands, Westerly Island, White Crag Island, White Sisters, Whiterock Island, Wilson Islands, Windfall Island, Windfall Islands, The Witnesses, Woewodski Island, Wooden Island, Yamani Islets, Yasha Island, Yellow Rocks, Zimovia Islets,

Alexander Archipelago is a large group of islands in Southeast Alaska. It makes up a large portion of the Alaska panhandle and run parallel to the Coast Mountains of the mainland. The islands are covered with temperate rainforests consisting largely of western hemlock, and Sitka spruce. Logging used to be a major industry for this reason and still plays a large impact but is steadily declining. Today's major businesses are fishing and tourism.

Alexander Archipelago is also famous for the much debated Alexander Archipelago Wolf.