Tree Frogs


Tree Frogs

  • Latin: Hylidae
  • Tlingit: xíxch'
  • Genera of the Tree Frogs Family: Chorus Frog,
  • Description

    For more information go to the species Pacific tree frog page.


    Small green amphibians. They look like a typical tree frog.


    Tree frogs of Alaska are freeze-tolerant amphibians, which are able to remain frozen for long periods of time (up to 6 months) without dying. The trick is to keep the cells from collapsing as the water is pulled from them with the freezing. The tree frogs are able to pack their cells with glucose, a sort of sugar. This helps protect the cells from the freezing process.

    Diet & Habitat

    They eat insects and are found near fresh water with slow to no movement.

  • Habitat & Range